Health and Wellness Entrepreneurs. Your time is Now!

As a Health Professional, I know you are aware that:

  • 50% of the population in North America is overweight, and that close to 30% are obese.
  • Being overweight or obese can cause serious health complications such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and related cardiovascular disease, cancers, arthritis, depression, and premature death.
  • The increase in Direct Health Care costs (diagnosis, treatment and medications, doctor appointments and hospital and home care) is estimated as $125 Billion per year.

This is why as a Health and Wellness Professional, your time is now! People desperately need your help! The challenge is that often times they don’t know it.

I am sure you’ve heard these typical excuses from your clients/patients:
“I don’t have time to work out.”
“I’m too busy with my job to eat well.”
“I don’t like to go to the gym and exercise.”
“I know I should focus more on my health and wellness but I will have more time later.”

Sound familiar? So how do we get people to engage? How do we get people to wake up and take control of their health before it’s too late?

You need to stand up and stand out!

Learn How to Position Yourself As The Health and Wellness Expert in Your Community (on-line and off-line)

Over the past 15 years, Dr. Nathalie has been doing just that! She has built her own extremely successful Wellness Clinic, published a book, and positioned herself as an expert in her community, with both traditional and social media. She’s also created one of the largest wellness events in Ottawa. Now Dr. Nathalie now wants to share her expertise with others to help them grow their businesses. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the Health and Wellness Industry, along with a keen business sense, have led her to create a powerful program to help Health and Wellness professionals up-level their businesses so they too, can make a bigger impact in the lives of their clients/patients.

Get Started With Dr. Nathalie’s Today – Programs, Products or Mentoring

Even if you are already a successful entrepreneur, it takes planning and strategy to improve your business. Just imagine what you could achieve with Dr. Nathalie’s more than 15 years of experience and expertise behind you!

It’s no secret that the most successful business owners have a Coach who has helped them to find, focus on, and achieve their vision. The ability to strategize with another professional who knows the business and has been in your shoes is priceless!

With the help of Dr. Nathalie and her Coaching Program, you can take your Health and Wellness business to the next level and beyond. If you are ready to stop dabbling in your business and start creating your dream, then it’s time to kick-start your success and get your running shoes on as Dr. Nathalie helps you fast-track to a successful Health and Wellness business/practice.

In order to be in control of your life, you have to have a purpose – a productive purpose.

-Ayn Rand

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