Do you have a wall of success in your practice?

A few years ago – I was trying to figure out a way to share the amazing, live changing results our patients were experiencing under chiropractic care. You know the things people don’t walk in our office for… the digestive issues, the low energy and fatigue, the infertility problems or the high blood pressure. I had a testimonial book but I really wanted everyone to see and read them and a book just did not seem to do the trick. Then I thought – let’s write them on the wall!

We now have some much fun with our success wall! Any time I have a patient who’s life has been changed with their chiropractic care and they are sharing with me how it is affecting their lives I asked them: when was the last time you wrote on a wall? They look at my funny and most of them will say – never! I reply with: How would you like to share what you just told me with our other practice members so they can see all the different things chiropractic care can have an impact on! Especially for our new patients! Here goes the black marker…on the wall! Our patients love reading all the testimonials. We have some in French, in English and in Spanish. The wall of success always makes the people that write and the people that read smile. As for me it keeps me focus and on purpose.

Try it! Have fun and send me pictures!

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