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I just came back from the annual ewomen conference in Dallas – yes 1500 business women under the same roof! While there I had the honor of meeting the legendary Zig Ziglar. I even got my picture taken with him! It was truly amazing to see him on stage with his daughter Julie, especially after the head injury he suffered 3 years ago. Myself, and many other audience members were in tears as he recounted stories that illustrated his passion for helping others achieve success in life. It was inspiring to listen to a man so strong, and so determined.

Another conference highlight was listening to Tony Hsieh of Zappos speak. Hsieh spoke about employee culture and the importance of having core values within your business. Hearing Tony talk about his company’s core values made me realize that I had to revisit the idea within my practice. Though, we did have a mission statement, we had never written down our own set of core values. With Hsieh’s words in mind, I decided to call an office meeting. In total, my team and I came up with 12 of our own core values:

  1. Integrity
  2. Team Work and Positive Attitude
  3. Respect and Compassion
  4. Transparency and Open Communication
  5. Delivering WOW through Service and Value Creation
  6. Growth and Learning
  7. Passion and Determination
  8. Courage and Self-confidence
  9. Innovation and Open Minded to Change
  10. Commitment and Excellence
  11. Professionalism and “Class Act”
  12. Be Humble

I can’t believe we had not done this sooner! What a positive experience it was to actually sit down as a team and discuss what values we strive to achieve. My team is empowered, and so am I. We raised the bar during our meeting, and I look forward to the accomplishments ahead.

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