Fun and Interactive Education for Your Patients

Using Educational Props

Teaching our patients about health and wellness is vital, if they are to experience optimal results through Chiropractic. By teaching our patients, we are providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to live their lives to their fullest. There are many ways we can teach our patients—through the use of slide shows, lectures, movie nights, and so on. Through my experience, however, I have come to realize that the most fruitful teaching methods are those that are interactive. This is why I have incorporated the use of educational props into my practice.

One afternoon, my Chiropractic team and I travelled to Home Depot in search of inexpensive props that could be viewed as metaphors for chiropractic health. After a half hour search, we met near the check-out line and discussed what we had found. Dominos, safety pins, sponges, bungee cords, and funnels are just some of the items we purchased that day.

The next week we established what we called “The Educational Prop Quiz”. Each week we would showcase one of the props we purchased, and ask patients to record their interpretation of that prop. Patients who recorded their interpretation could then enter a draw to win a prize (in our case, movie tickets).  Upon entering the clinic, each patient was given the prop to ponder over while waiting for their adjustment (In order to ensure each patient had a sufficient amount of time with the prop, we bought more than one of each – 7 to 8 seems to be a good number). When the patient was on my table, I would ask them to explain what they believed the prop symbolized. The answers I heard amazed me! Not only was this a fun activity, but also a way to connect with my patients and discuss their notions of health and wellness. Furthermore, many of my patients were shocked at their own answers, for they had not realized just how much they had learned about health over the course of their visits in our office.

In order to kick start your clinic’s Educational Prop Quiz the following is a list of props I have used, along with some of the interpretations my patients have submitted over the months:


  • The domino effect – if you don’t care of your body it goes downhill
  • If you don’t lead a healthy lifestyle your health will start to deteriorate just like the domino effect
  • Connecting the dots if like a road map to your health. Misalign the dots your setting yourself up for health problems

Safety Pin

  • A safety pin is a temporary fix for a permanent problem.
  • When the safety pin is open it’s like a misalignment in your spine
  • A safety pin can hold things together just like your chiropractor


  • Choose chiropractic for wellness and don’t be a drain on the health care system
  • Chiropractic cleans out all the interference, which drains the body from the nervous system
  • Subluxations interfere with the flow of the body an adjustment flushes out the bad down the drain


  • Your body is like a sponge it adsorbs everything you put into it.
  • The sponge is like the gel in between your vertebra is it adsorbs the shock for the movement your body puts your spine through
  • Your mind is like a sponge to much information can cause stress

Magnifying Glass

  • A wellness chiropractic can detect interference in your nervous system with is not visible to the naked eye.
  • If you looked at your health through a magnifying glass what would you see?
  • Wellness chiropractic care magnifies the importance of a healthy nervous system


  • Your body is like a thermometer if not monitored what your cooking can burn “out”.
  • What your neck should not look like. Straight!

Bungee Cords

  • The muscles in your back like a bungee cords if overused or pulled to tight, interference can set in
  • A bungee cord is flexible  like our bodies however if not taken care of will break down and unlike a bungee cord you can’t go out and get a new body
  • The bungee cord is like my chiropractor she holds everything together

Wooden Hanger

  • Chiropractic is like a hanger it keeps everything in straight
  • Don’t get hung up on the small things
  • Hangers are like your chiropractic care is you don’t use one you might end up on the floor.


  • If you don’t put healthy food into your body it will not get through the funnel it will clogged up.
  • Interference in the nervous system will not be able to be funneled properly
  • What the body needs is usually the amount that comes out of the smaller end of the funnel, the more we put in the harder it is for the body to process.

Garden Hose

  • The hose is like your spine if there is inference in the hose the water will not be able to flow properly same as your spine.
  • If there is blockage in the tube eventually the tube will start leaking at the seams.
  • If our bodies do not have a proper flow the body with be in a state of flux with can cause an unhealthy outcome

2X4 Plank of Wood

  • Your spine needs to be straight in order to function properly
  • The 2×4 is like our spine if we take great care of it and get adjustments and lead a healthy lifestyle it can handle outside interference
  • The 2×4 is strong and so is out spine we need to take care of it.
  • Without Chiropractic care you can become stiff as a board


  • Life force
  • We like a fuse if we overdraw on it, it will burn out
  • In order for the fuse to work it needs to be properly aligned in the socket same for our spine.
  • The fuse is like a conductor of energy burn out the fuse we lose the energy just like if we burn out an adjustment can bring back the energy.

Clothes Pin

  • Pinched nerves will cause potential health hazard down the road.
  • Don’t pin your hopes on drugs get adjusted


  • Circle of wellness and of life
  • If you’re not aligned the energy will not be flowing properly
  • The wheel keeps things moving just like your chiropractor

Pill Container

  • If you get regular adjustments you will not need this container
  • Chiropractors do it all without medication
  • If you lead a healthy lifestyle you won’t need a pill box
  • Reminder to take your supplements

Dryer Hose

  • Keep the inside clean and the outside will work well
  • Keep the body flexible
  • The body needs to have a clear and clean outlet in order for it rid itself of toxins

Remember, this is merely a guideline. Feel free to modify the Educational Prop Quiz to suit your clinic’s needs, perhaps this means holding the quiz bi-weekly, or daily (I provide my patients with a different prop weekly, but alternate the days in order to include as many patients as possible). If you wish to save money, you could also print pictures of the props instead of buying the props themselves—be as imaginative as you can be, for like I said earlier educating our patients is vital to their health and well being. Have fun!!

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