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Over the past 15 years I have invested much of my time and money into growing, what I believe to be, a successful chiropractic clinic and I’m sure you are also trying to do just that. But, have you noticed that what used to work to promote your practice, doesn’t work as efficiently anymore? It has been a journey, some trial, some error but I have made many new discoveries on how (and how not) to do things. and I would love to share them with you. I want to give you a snapshot of how I have used and leveraged Social Media Marketing to grow brand awareness and help grow my practice. How to develop an online presence and acquire patients using a variety of online Social Media tools. If you think Social Media is a fad – think again! Your patients and your competition are already involved in Social Media. Why aren’t you?

What is Social Media?

According to Tamar Weinberg author of, The New Community Rules: Marketing On The Social Web, Social Media (SM) relates to the sharing of information, experiences, and perspectives throughout community-oriented websites (emphasis on community). Social Media Marketing (SMM) is known as the process that empowers individuals to promote their websites and products/services via online social channels. It allows you to communicate with a much larger community that may not have been accessible through regular advertising channels. Media is no longer limited to one-way communication.  Conversations now occur in front of millions of people and are archived for years to come. Social Media allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your marketwith a quick online search. It is a set of tools to create relationships and build value for others.

The most important thing to remember – don’t use Social Media Marketing the old fashioned marketing way – with pushy sales and one-way communication, because it won’t work. People want value and conversation so they can feel as if they are part of something bigger. Social media marketing is about listening to and sharing great content with the collective. If your mission is to sell, sell, sell and not give, give, give you will not be successful as people are no longer receptive to forceful marketing tactics. I believe that there should be an 80/20 rule (80% content and 20% promotion). Though it’s often referred to as a buzz word, transparency really is the key. More than ever before, people can now choose who they want to listen to and when.

 What Social Media Can Do…

  • Raise your visibility with existing patients, potential patients and the media
  • Help you stay in touch more easily and more frequently with patients and valuable business contacts
  • Improve your search engine visibility
  • Increase the likelihood of successfully connecting with reporters, bloggers, reviewers and opinion leaders who may endorse or talk about you and your clinic

 What Social Media Cannot Do…

  • Drive hundreds of new patients to your clinic door
  • Force people to use your services if you are not positioning yourself as filling a need they have
  • Guarantee your information will get picked up for front-page coverage on a big-name publication
  • Keep people listening if your message is not relevant to them

 How Do You Measure Success?

How can you tell if your Social Media marketing strategy is working? You begin with patience. Results can’t be measured immediately. Your strategy will not work overnight. Instead it will provide long term success. Just like any other marketing avenue, Social Media marketing puts your services in front of a group of users who will be interested in sharing what you have to say or offer, but the process of sharing is only as fastas the individuals who want to pass on your content. Remember that Social Media is more about listening than telling. It’s about engagement, loyalty and trust. Social Media Marketing takes diligence, effort, and persistence. Building and maintaining trust requires a consistent time commitment. You have to show people that you are in it for the long run.

 What Are Your Goals In Using Social Media Marketing?

Before you even start your Social Media Marketing, you need to clearly define what it is that you intend to achieve. What are you hoping to do? Is your goal to increase traffic (are you ready?), boost brand awareness, reputation management, increase sales of products or services, improve search engine rankings and/or establish thought leadership?

You must clearly outline your goals and then carefully review the steps that are required to reach them. By doing so, you will have a better grasp of your needs and how to achieve these goals. You may want to consider hiring an on-line assistant(s) who is knowledgeable with Social Media Marketing and can help you reach your goals more easily and quickly than you would doing it on your own. But remember, there is no magic pill here!

Social Media comes in many forms these days (there are literally hundreds of options out there), but my blog posts will be focussing on some of the most popular and effective tools and strategies you can leverage to increase your brand awareness, create exposure and begin conversations in your community in my blogs to come. 

It’s time to jump in to the world of Social Media and Social Media Marketing! If there’s one thing I can promise you, it’s this…Social Media Marketing is just starting, and I don’t believe it will ever go away. So, you may as well get on board now and have fun with it! What are you waiting for?

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