Are You Sending Your Own Newsletter Yet?

A newsletter is essential to maximizing your online presence and keeping in touch with your clients and prospective clients. You may already be familiar with online newsletters if you subscribe to a number of newsletters from your favourite websites.

You’ve probably also heard that many people limit the number of newsletters they get because they can feel bombarded with too many of them, but don’t let that stop you from getting one underway. Newsletters are still a powerful way to communicate and get people to know more about you and the services you offer.

Choosing a program: There are some fairly simple and low-cost ways to create your newsletter. For example, you can invest in online newsletter template programs like:

Most programs have a free trial, and the fee you pay depends on the number of subscribers you have. These programs typically have a large number of templates you can use, so all you (or your virtual assistant) need to do is customize a template and you’re off and running.

Creating content: If you’re trying to create a niche for yourself, the first thing you want to do in all of your marketing materials, including your newsletter, is give great valuable content to your niche market.

The most popular newsletter content format includes:

-an introductory note from you
-a featured article (which should be hosted on your blog)
-some interesting industry news or news about what’s happening with you and your clinic, e.g. where you’re speaking next, etc. interesting quotes from famous people
-a section about your newest product, program or services
-a book pick and the all-important call-to-action if you need the reader to do anything (not necessary – sending a newsletter is all about building a relationship with your subscribers.

Think you don’t have anything to say? I highly doubt that. Imagine if someone asked you want you do for a living and you gave them a 10-minute spiel? Just think about that as you write. Of course, one of the key things you’ll need in any of your articles is to address a key pain point that you know your target market experiences. Introduce the issue, break down the pain points and ways to solve the problem and wrap it up with a concise summary. And if writing really doesn’t come easily for you, hire a ghostwriter who understands working with online content, and you’re off the hook.

The other great thing to do is work in tandem with your virtual assistant and ghostwriter to create an editorial calendar. Outline what topics you want to cover in your feature article. If you’re doing just one newsletter a month, that’s only 12 topics a year, and you can set them all out ahead of time. Your team can help get your newsletter queued ahead of time as well so you are never behind the 8-ball, racing to the finish line! No team? No worries, the process is still the same, you just have to carve out the time to do it yourself.

Deciding on timing: A good rule of thumb is to send a newsletter out at least once a month. But twice a month keeps you in touch more often, as does once a week. Don’t shy away from staying in contact with your growing list, because it’s important you do it, no matter what the interval. Just ensure that whatever interval you choose, you stick to it, so your subscribers know when to expect to see your newsletter.

Getting a newsletter up and running really isn’t a big deal. First get clear on who you’re speaking to, then put your editorial content list together, set your time frames for delivery, and then implement! With a little repetition, you’ll be in the flow, and the whole operation will run like clockwork! Think of the value you can bring to people who will read your content!

Have fun!

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