5 ways to WOW your patients and make them raving fans!

Showing your patients that they are appreciated is important and can be done in a variety of simple ways. The following is a list of ways you can wow your patients and turn them into raving fans.

1) Wish your patients’ a happy birthday!
I send out birthday cards to all of my active patients. Inside the birthday card is a birthday wish from me and a $10.00 gift certificate that can be used on a product in my wellness store. Patients absolutely love this and many have told me they look forward to receiving their card in the mail each year. The gift certificate is a great way to get patients familiarized with the products you offer and hopefully entice them to purchase more wellness products in the future.
As an added touch, I send out daily birthday greetings via my Patient Management System. These greetings reach more than just my active patient list and are a great way to let past patients know that you thinking about them.

2) Send out Thank You Cards and other Special Events Cards
I like to go above and beyond sometimes and wow my patients with a card congratulating them for an accomplishment they spoke of (completed their first half marathon, lost 2 pounds or won a community award), or sending them condolences when they mention the loss of a family member, friend or even a beloved pet. Taking the two minutes to send a personalized card shows your patients that you listen and care for their well being. Consider using a service like Sendout Cards, where they do most of the work! All you have to do is choose from a library of cards, insert your message and let them do the rest!

I also send thank you cards to patients who have referred someone to the clinic. The card includes a $20.00 gift certificate for use in the wellness store as a token of my appreciation.

3) Vitamin Card
Rewards programs are a great way to wow your patients and encourage them to purchase more from your store. In my clinic, each item purchased warrants a stamp on a vitamin card—purchase six items and get the seventh for 50% off. My patients love this and always add more to their order when they see that they are nearing the seventh item.

4) Education Webinar Series
Let’s face it, in house workshops are not always easy to fill! People are busy and it’s difficult to coordinate a date good for all of your patients. That’s why I decided to host my seminars online. I decide on a date and promote the webinar a month prior. Patients can sign up at the clinic or online, and anyone signed up receives an audio link to the webinar so they can listen to it on their own time after its original air date. Since the webinar is advertised on my website anyone can sign up. I’ve done webinars on everything from Detox to Wellness on the Go. Providing a free educational resource gives added value to your existing patient and potential patients surfing your site!

5) Success wall
Has chiropractic changed your patients’ life in a big way? Give your raving fans and place to rave! Create a success wall. I devoted an entire wall in my clinic to my patients, so that they have a place to record their chiropractic successes for all to see! My staff and I hand over a permanent marker to anyone who raves about the benefits of chiropractic. New patients are shown the wall at their first visit and given a chance to read some of the chiropractic miracles that have been experienced by the clinic’s very own patients.

I am always on a quest to wow my patient and over deliver on the services we provide at the clinic, it makes everyone feel good!:)

Do you have amazing wow tips that you are using in your practice?

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