How to Create an Open House for Big Impact

A few weeks ago my team and I held an Open House and Blow Out Sale at the clinic. It was a huge success! Patients and community members were invited to benefit from amazing discounts on products and services. Moreover, the Open House served as a way to get non-patients acquainted with the clinic and the services we offer. This blog will provide you with the steps necessary to host your own Open House and Blowout Sale. Depending on whether or not you have the products and services necessary for an adequate sale you can choose to create an open house, a blow out sale or both- like me!

1) Determine the purpose of your sale or open house
The clinic recently underwent renovations; the Open House was a way to introduce my community and patients to the new and improved Beauchamp Lifestyle and Chiropractic Centre. I also wanted to use it as an opportunity to showcase two services we recently acquired- the Es-Tek Full Body Analysis and the GaitScan System. With our purpose in mind my team and I decided on our course of action…

2) Decide what services and products you will provide discounts on
Since the Es-Tek Full Body Analysis and GaitScan System were the services we were showcasing, we decided that they would be offered at quite a discounted price. Both the Full Body Analysis and Orthotics rendered from the GaitScan were discounted by $100. And all products in the wellness store were 25% off. Once we created our list of sale prices we were able to create posters and postcards advertising the upcoming event.

3) Advertise!
Postcards were sent a few weeks ahead of time by mail to all existing patients. An online version of the postcard was then sent to my list of community contacts. Various social media sites like Facebook and Linked In were also used to announce the event. I also put out a magnetic sign a week before the event since there is quite a bit of traffic that passes by the clinic. Make sure people know about the event ahead of time, creating a buzz is what is going to make your Open House a must-go destination.

4) Get Organized!
To be honest, I had no idea how many people to expect. Though I made sure to write RSVP on the invite, very few people did. Regardless, I thought positively and insisted that all of my staff be in attendance on the day of the event. Since the event ran from 1-8pm and I was adjusting from 1:30pm to 6:00pm it was important that everything be clear and well organized ahead of time. The day of the event was hectic, but it ran smoothly because each of my staff knew their role and what they had to bring to the table. Be sure to discuss logistics with your staff a few times before the event, that way everything is sure to run to smoothly. Assign who will be on cash, and who will play host. Discuss who will pick up refreshments, and who will be there to set up and take down.

5) Decorate, Serve Refreshments, and Offer Something Complimentary
Really wow event goers and patients by serving healthy refreshments like cucumber water, veggies, cheese and gluten free crackers. Also offer something complimentary- we offered complimentary GaitScan assessments. Though not everyone scanned ordered orthotics, they learned that orthotics could be of benefit to them and may purchase some in the future. The clinic was decorated with balloons and posters announcing our sale so that everyone who walked through the door would know exactly what was happening.

6) Have Fun!
This is a fun event! Make the best of it- play good music, socialize with your patients, and create an enjoyable environment. One of my staff members played hostess, offering guests refreshments, making green drinks for the patients to sample, and discussing the benefits of certain supplements and services the clinic offers. BUT- it’s important to make sure your patients realize that the sale prices are being offered that day and that day only. You want the event day to be special, so that patients and community members are more apt to visit you. If you offer the sales prices during a week, people may take them from granted.

Do the six things mentioned above and your event is sure to be a success! I’ve decided to hold Open Houses bi-annually at the clinic; once in June and once in December. This event is the perfect way to show appreciation to current patients and get potential patients through your doors!

Wishing your clinic a great Open House,

Dr. Nathalie

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