Where is your Marketing Calendar?

For the past few months I have been renovating my clinic. In order to make the renovations as smooth as possible, my staff and I spent the weeks prior organizing every inch of clinic. The process was long, but definitely worth it. Instead of having three places for a form or questionnaire, we narrowed it down to one. We got rid of an entire closet worth of stuff and made sure all areas of the clinic were clutter-free and clean. With the renovations came another difficult task: Rethinking our marketing calendar.

My staff and I have tried to display our marketing calendar in a variety of ways. Originally, we had paper calendars lining the cupboards around my office. However, since the cupboards were going to be taken out with the renovations, we decided to try and put the calendar online. Though the online version saved paper, it wasn’t easily accessible. Just like a vision board, having your marketing calendar in a place frequently visited is important. By placing it in Google docs, my staff and I often forgot how quickly an event was approaching. Out of sight, out of mind – right? We agreed that we would have to come up with another way to display the calendar.

The renovations ended up clearing a wall in my office. We decided to use the entire wall for our marketing calendar. The bigger, the better! We bought 6-magnetic boards from Ikea and clustered them together. The size of the boards allowed for six months to be displayed at all times- which has been great for future planning. And since our marketing space takes up an entire wall, we are able to display not only the calendars, but also monthly statistics, event posters, supplements of the week, staff holidays, staff homework and projects to be reviewed.

Our marketing board has become our memo board, our vision board, and our day-to-day planner. Though at first I was a little off put by it’s size, I have come to appreciate how easily everything can be seen. Statistics, events, and so on are constantly in our face ensuring that we are on point.

Though you may not have an entire wall to devote to your marketing calendar, in my experience your marketing calendar should be displayed somewhere easily accessible to all staff. It simplifies things, and allows your staff to see where exactly there efforts should be focused. With this blog I’ve included the monthly statistics and events sheet I use in my marketing process so that you can see the information my staff and I focus on every day.

Where is your marketing calendar posted? Does it work for your staff? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

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