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Over the past 18 years, Dr. Nathalie has built her own extremely successful Wellness Clinic, published a book, created a wellness information product and positioned herself as an expert in her community utilizing both traditional and social media. Her accomplishments even include creating one of the largest annual wellness events in Ottawa with hundreds of participating companies and thousands of attendees.

Now, Dr. Nathalie wants to share her expertise with you to help you grow your business. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the Health and Wellness Industry, along with a keen business sense (she is certified with the Professional Business Coaches Alliance) , have led her to create powerful coaching  programs to help Health and Wellness professionals up-level their businesses so they too can make a bigger impact in the lives of their clients/patients.

Even if you are already a successful entrepreneur you can still benefit from Dr. Nathalie’s programs. We all know that it takes planning and strategy to improve your business. Just imagine what you could achieve with Dr. Nathalie’s more than 18 years of experience and expertise behind you!

It’s no secret that the most successful business owners have a Coach who has helped them to find, focus on, and achieve their vision. The ability to strategize with another professional who knows the business and has been in your shoes is priceless.

With the help of Dr. Nathalie and her Coaching Programs you can take your  business to the next level and beyond. If you are ready to start creating your dream practice, then it’s time to kick-start your success and get your running shoes on as Dr. Nathalie helps you fast-track to YOUR  successful business/practice.

All of Dr. Nathalie’s Coaching Packages and Programs have been developed with you in mind. She knows from experience what a busy life you lead so she works quickly and effectively to get you clear on your objectives, providing essential yet doable plans that are easy to implement.

Make the decision today to INVEST IN YOU and get started on the road to that successful practice you’ve been dreaming of. Simply choose the options below that best fit your needs, or sign up for all four to get the most intensive program and phenomenal results! With each coaching offering, you’ll receive immediate insights that apply to and improve your business right now. Just watch how your ROI grows!

Power Hour with Dr. Nathalie

Wouldn’t it be great to have just one hour to pick the brain of a health entrepreneur who is in the trenches just like you, to learn new tips and tools to take your practice to the next level? Just think of the in-depth insight and relevant, real-world, actionable advice on your business challenges. Just a 1-hour call will get your business in fast forward mode and on your way to a better practice, happier patients and a more successful you!

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Marketing Practice Audit

Are you stuck in a marketing rut? Are you running the same ads in the same places and still getting nowhere? Or, have you jumped into the new world of marketing 2.0 with both feet and now find yourself up to your neck and sinking fast? It’s all so overwhelming and it’s enough to make you want to scream!

You can gain an entirely new perspective on your marketing through Dr. Nathalie’s Marketing Practice/Business Audit. With this package you get THREE, 30-minute coaching sessions on the phone with Dr. Nathalie. You will learn the ins and outs of marketing for health care professionals, what works best for patient retention and for creating new business, and how to implement her results-driven strategies in your own business so you can increase your bottom line and have more fun doing it!

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On Going Business Coaching Program

The process is personal.
Whether you are seeking to fine-tune your business to reach peak performance, or to overcome personal barriers that stand in the way of you achieving greater success, Dr. Nathalie will work with you to develop a personal plan. Step by step, we build a business-development system tailor-made for your unique needs, engineered for greater profitability and growth.

Menu of Services


Regular individual coaching is the fastest and most effective way to improve your business. You will meet with Dr. Nathalie (phone or Skype) regularly to implement the changes required to improve your business. The frequency of the meetings depends on the coaching plan you select. All personal coaching programs include an in depth business evaluation and an extended DISC behavioral profile.
  • Economy Program: one (60-75 minute session) + 1 check-in call (15 min.) per month. Unlimited phone and email support.
  • Standard Program: two sessions (60-75 sessions) + unlimited email and phone support
  • Advanced Program: three 60-75 minute sessions monthly + unlimited email and phone support
  • Premium Program: weekly 60-75 minute sessions + unlimited email and phone support

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