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How to Create an Open House for Big Impact

A few weeks ago my team and I held an Open House and Blow Out Sale at the clinic. It was a huge success! Patients and community members were invited to benefit from amazing discounts on products and services. Moreover, the Open House served as a way to get non-patients acquainted with the clinic and […]


To Pin or Not to Pin: Why You Should Join Pinterest Today.

Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the most popular social networking platforms on the Internet. It is also one of the most original, making it a tad overwhelming at first. Pinterest newcomers, this blog is for you! What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a pinboard-style social photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage […]


Expos: Why You Should Organize One & How To Get Started, Part 3

So you’ve begun the process of setting up your expo: you’ve set a date, you’re calling and e-mailing possible participants, and you’ve booked a venue. What do you do now to get the word out to the community and build excitement for your event? Check out these tips: Figure out your attention-grabber When sending out […]


Expos: Why You Should Organize One & How To Get Started, Part 2

We’ve talked about why it’s a good idea to organize an expo, and now you’re ready to get the ball rolling. Where do you start? Here are some practical tips and considerations for the months before your event is to take place: Set your goals and expectations What do you want to accomplish through your […]


Expos: Why You Should Organize One & How To Get Started, Part 1

Organizing an expo can provide a huge advantage to health and wellness professionals, both from a networking perspective and to connect with potential patients in your community. In January, we had our sixth successful Orleans Health & Wellness Expo, with more than 90 exhibitors and 1,300 attendees, allowing us to forge some great relationships. There […]


The Power of Video Blogging

If you have yet to consider adding videos to your blog, I highly recommend doing so! Videos help put a “face” to your business and assist in branding you as an expert. They are a great way to get your health and wellness message out there while providing viewers with a personal touch. I typically […]


Are You Sending Your Own Newsletter Yet?

A newsletter is essential to maximizing your online presence and keeping in touch with your clients and prospective clients. You may already be familiar with online newsletters if you subscribe to a number of newsletters from your favourite websites. You’ve probably also heard that many people limit the number of newsletters they get because they […]


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