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"Learn How to Leverage
Social Media Marketing
For Your Practice."

If you think Social Media is a fad - think again! Your patients and your competition are already involved in it.
Why aren’t you?

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This easy-to-read workbook will provide you with some basic knowledge necessary to help you succeed online, as well as help you to maximize your time spent online. It is a snapshot of how Dr. Nathalie has used and leveraged Social Media Marketing to grow brand awareness and help grow her practice, and it will help you do the same.

At just 62 pages, the workbook covers all main areas of social networking, complete with screen shots of some of Dr. Nathalie's social media accounts, and plenty of tips and strategies for maximizing your efforts.

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  • Raising your visibility with existing patients, potential patients, and the media.
  • Helping you stay in touch more easily and more frequently with patients and valuable business contacts.
  • Improving your search engine visibility.
  • Increasing the likelihood of successfully connecting with reporters, bloggers, reviewers, and opinion leaders who may endorse or talk about you and your clinic.
Did you know?
  • More than 500 million people are active Facebook users.
  • More than 346 million people read blogs.
  • 184 million people are bloggers themselves.
  • Twitter has more than 175 million registered users.
  • Approximately 140 million Tweets are sent each day on Twitter.
  • YouTube claims more than 100 million unique viewers per month

Here is the list of topics covered:

  • Websites
  • Blogs (WordPress)
  • Articles Publications (EzineArticles and SelfGrowth)
  • Publishing/Email Marketing (Newsletters)
  • Micro-blogs (Twitter)
  • Social Network (Facebook)
  • Social Network (Linked In)
  • Publishing (SlideShare)
  • Media Sharing (YouTube)
  • On-line Event Booking
  • Live Casting (Blog Talk Radio)
  • On-line Free Press Release
  • Content Hosting Site (Screencast)
  • Google Places/Maps
  • Advertising Campaigns (Google and Facebook)

This is your easy, Social Media quick-reference guide! Purchase today and start building your practice using Social Media. And don't forget to get social with Dr. Nathalie by visiting her many portals!

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Ready to take your social media to the next level?

Dr. Nathalie's Marketing Practice Audit - Leveraging Social Media for Your Practice Program

Unfortunately, Social Media can be overwhelming and many don’t know where to start. Now, with Dr. Nathalie’s help, you can alleviate the stress and stop being intimidated by this new marketing medium!

Do you understand the impact that Social Media has on a business in this new Social Economy and what it can do for your practice? Dr. Nathalie does, and she wants to help you demystify what Social Media is, show you why you need it and help you develop a plan to make it work for you. She will teach you how to use Social Media to get the results you want!

This Program Includes:

  • 6 Weekly 30-Minute Calls.
  • Assessment of your current reality when it comes to online marketing and Social Media.
  • Determining your goals for online marketing.
  • Developing a plan of action to achieve those goals
  • Identifying your current skill level and what you need to learn when it comes to on-line marketing and Social Media
  • Identifying your current skill level and what you need to learn when it comes to on-line marketing and Social Media
  • Access to easy video tutorials on Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, LinkedIn and YouTube to help you be more efficient and maximize your time
  • Matching you with the resources you need to get you ready for your Social debut – the people that can help get things done for you (blog setup, branding of pages and accounts, etc…)
  • “Cool Tools” you can use to increase your on-line exposure and leverage your time with Social Media

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