Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp: North America’s Health and Wellness Expert and Entrepreneur

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Dr. Nathalie offers keynote speeches that can be tailored specifically to your audience. Here is one of her most popular topics.

KEYNOTE: Women: Get Your Business Mojo Back

When it comes to being in business, women need to be smart, knowledgeable, confident, powerful, and energetic. If not, their businesses and their bottom lines will be impacted!

Today’s female entrepreneur needs to be in her best shape, mentally, physically and psychologically in order to be at and stay at the top of her game. Smart, savvy, businesswomen can’t afford to cut corners when so much rides on how their business does.

When a woman’s health is good, and her health routine is in alignment with her goals and values, she is happy in her own skin, and she feels confident and in control, no matter what’s going on. She feels and looks sexy and powerful everywhere she goes. She’s sharp on the job, and has plenty of energy to spare. And the better energy she has, the better energy and profits her business will have, too.

Unfortunately, too many women are bombarded with multiple competing challenges, at work, at home, and in life, that get in the way of optimal health. That’s when they can lose their Business Mojo. But it is possible to learn how to grow health while growing wealth for ultimate business success.

It’s time to get re-energized and revitalized with business wellness expert, Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp!

Dr. Nathalie delivers fresh and invigorating presentations and keynote speeches that combine her in-depth knowledge of health, science, and nutrition, with lots of fun and enjoyment. She boils down all the health hype to give women quick, simple steps to make lasting health changes, changes that will help catapult their ROI onto a soaring, upward-bound flight.

She empowers women by teaching them how their bodies and their businesses are intrinsically linked, and what they can do to get on and stay on solid ground. Women can rely on Dr. Nathalie to tell it like it is and show them how to live in their peak performance without sacrificing themselves in the process.

Dr. Nathalie has spoken to and worked with women entrepreneurs running solo enterprises, corporate CEOs, saleswomen, and other busy female business owners and professionals throughout North America. She is quickly becoming the go-to guru and international expert on how health and wellness from the inside out impacts women in business.

Dr. Nathalie says, “To be successful in business, today’s woman entrepreneur needs a strong purpose, passion, and a plan but also abundant energy and the confi dence to ride the inevitable waves that will challenge her to be her best.”

Dr. Nathalie has a growing list of popular presentation topics and she is also happy to customize speeches tailored to your specific needs.

Topics include and are not limited to:

*The 3 Secrets to Balancing You in Business and at Home
*Eating on the Job: How to Boost Energy Naturally
*The Real Deal on Your Body and Your Bottom Line
*Are You Working Out or Out Working?
*Passion and Purpose: Are You Achieving Your True Health and Wellness Potential?
*How to Grow Your Health and Your Wealth>
*Why Low Self-Esteem Sabotages Success and What You Can Do About It
*14 Ways to Empower and Impress

A partial list of organizations that have invited Dr. Nathalie to speak:

*Keynote: University of Ottawa – Health Sciences Awards Gala
*Royal Canadian Mounted Police
*Ottawa Chamber of Commerce
*Ottawa Police – officer and emergency personnel training
*Health Canada Agency
*Orleans Women Business Connection
*Statistics Canada Agency
*Ministry of Children and Youth Services
*Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Accounting Firm
*Lang Michener LLP – Law Office
*Evolv Health – International conference
*Creating Welling Alliance conference
*Chiropractic Masters conference
*Telesat Canada
*Goodlife Fitness Clubs
*The American Embassy
*Natural Resources Canada Agency
*Amnesty International
*Royal Bank of Canada
*Orleans Wellness Expo
*Sears Canada

Interview Questions

1. If you could give one primary health message to anyone, young or old, what would it be?
2.  What do you think is the biggest health challenge today in our society, and what advice do you have for overcoming it?
3. As a successful health professional and entrepreneur, how do you help other entrepreneurs up-level their businesses?
4.  What’s the number one thing people need to do to start getting healthy?
5.  What is one of the best kinds of foods people should eat and why?
6.  How do you balance your busy career with your health goals?
7.  How can organizations benefit from having you give keynotes or workshops on health-related topics?
8.  In your opinion, why is it so hard for people to adopt a healthy lifestyle?
9.  How do you make getting healthy, easy, and fun?
10.  How is your book Wellness on the Go: Take the Plunge, It’s Your Life!, and your online, self-study health coaching program Roadmap to Wellness different from all the other approaches to health on the market?

What Others Are Saying

“Dr. Nathalie speaks with such passion and energy! She has an amazing ability to bring clarity to wellness and gets you excited to take action in your own life!
~ Dr. Craig Hazel, B.Sc. D.C.

“Dr. Nathalie is a dynamic speaker who is as passionate about the audience she is speaking to as the content to which she is speaking about! Her energy is palpable and her authenticity is endearing. She has you listening to her message AND feeling it.”
~ Dr. Celina Spence, B.Sc., D.C.

“Dr. Nathalie brings a dynamic energy, passion and sense of humour to the stage delivering her message that no matter what, our health impacts our lives, personally and professionally. Dr. Nathalie will get you off your butt, revitalized and energized! It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight, improve your personal life, or increase your profits for your business, she’s got the secret to it all! Dr. Nathalie is one of Canada’s top women professional speakers, an international award-winning health professional and leading author of wellness programs, books and articles. When Dr. Nathalie speaks, she gets you in the driver’s seat to take control of your health and your life!
~ Deborah MacDonald, Executive Director, EvolvHealth

“I’ve heard Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp speak more than once, and every time, I’m so amazed and impressed with her knowledge and insight about health. Her teaching points are both excellent and inspirational. And her talks are far from boring. She brings a freshness and vitality to her presentations, with plenty of humour.
~ Lisa Larter, CEO of Lisa Larter Business Consulting

“I recently attended a lecture with Dr. Nathalie, and I can honestly say that I was blown away by her passion that so clearly articulates her message that we can’t take our health for granted. I’ve seen other speakers talk about health, but none so riveting and realistic as Dr. Nathalie. She really understands how individual we are, so she doesn’t just offer one-size-fits-all solutions. This was a tremendous experience. You better believe I’m on my way to better health!”
~ Lise St-Andre-Maranger, Metamophose Interior Design

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