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Attention Busy Chiropractors: Boost your bottom line by adding this time-saving wellness resource to your patient support arsenal...

Every day, chiropractors across the country, struggle to find enough time to spend with patients, educating them on all aspects of health. Unfortunately, it’s just not humanly possible to do so.

But what if you had something at your fingertips that solved the problem?

What if it was something you could quickly and easily put into the hands of your patients?

And what if it was something you could entirely trust – something developed by a fellow chiropractor who knows faced the same challenges you have?

Welcome to your new Patient Attractor Factor: Wellness on the GO!

Not only is this book an excellent health and wellness resource, but it can dramatically help leverage your time while increasing your profits.

Wellness on The Go

Mike Reid"Wellness OnThe Go is a MUST for every chiropractic office! This book will help you save time in educating your patients, improve retention and get them to refer their friends and family on the benefits of a wellness lifestyle. If you want to attract and keep more wellness patients in your practice, "Wellness On The Go" is one of my top practice building recommendations!

Dr. Mike Reid C.E.O.


When it comes to patient wellness, I know you have nothing but the best intentions to help people get well and maintain good health. It’s your primary concern.

It’s mine, too.

And now, I can offer you a value-added service that will help transform your patients’ health AND your business. A happy win-win situation for everyone.

Dr. Nathalie BeauchampHi, I’m Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp, and I’m a very busy chiropractor just like you. Like you, I often wish I had more time to spend with each patient talking to them about wellness and how small lifestyle changes can make a big difference in their lives.

I went on a hunting mission and spent hours and hours searching for the perfect solution for my patients, but came up empty.

I may have given up the search but I didn’t give up on the idea!

So I wrote exactly what I was looking for…

This book is a comprehensive A-Z wellness guide that clearly outlines health challenges and solutions WRITTEN FOR ANYONE WHO IS ALWAYS ON THE GO.


Let me help you...

  • Educate your patients.
  • Engage them in making changes in their lives.
  • Increase your retention.
  • Add another revenue stream to your practice.
  • Have the confidence that what you offer is valuable and credible content written by a doctor just like you.
Wellness on The Go


Michael"Awareness and action are paramount to achieving wellness and balance in your life and so are Wellness On The Go suggestions. This book illuminates solid techniques and practices to take you life to new heights."

Dr. Micheal Gandolfi, Wellness Business Coach

MichaelDr. Nathalie - thank you for writing this incredible book. It has been a great addition to our practice with both staff and patients loving the information and how easy the book is to understand.
We felt the information in this book was so relevant to our education process in our practice that we created weekly workshops based on the Chapters in the book. We deliver one Chapter per week as our weekly workshop. The patients love them and they really feel like they are getting more value for their care in our office.

We feel this book represents the Chiropractic Wellness profession and our practice very professionally.

Dr. Michael Heinzlmeir
LindaWellness on the Go The best comprehensive book on wellness that I’ve ever read. Both Dr. Nathalie and André help you discover the wonders of how our body works and they offer practical tips to improve your health. The wellness strategies suggested at the end of every chapter are brilliant. This book is definitely a must read for those wishing to learn how to improve their overall well-being.

Linda Houle-Robert, Marathon Runner

debbie ford"This comprehensive guide to wellness skillfully synthesizes a wealth of information, resources, strategies and tools which ultimately can support anybody to live with passion, purpose and a plan."

NY Times Bestselling Author, Debbie Ford


Here is a look at some of the topics my patients love:

check How to read food labels so they understand what they are putting in our body.
check Why they need Multi Vitamins and are they all created equal?
check Why adjusting inner PH levels is essential for optimal health.
check How the power of Omega-3 can help them.
check What the true facts are on cosmetics and deodorants
check How to develop better sleep habits so they are well rested and have more energy.

These are real-life challenges that can help your patients make the small changes they need to ignite their best health and live their best lives.

By investing in this wellness guide, you will have the perfect resource to compliment the care and services you provide.

Wellness on the Go is gaining momentum. Not only are my patients enthralled with it, but I’ve done several media interviews about it, too. Every day, someone is touched by this information.

Here are more kind words about the book.

"What I love most about WELLNESS ON THE GO is the simple and real-life approach on how anyone can easily integrate Wellness into their lifestyle regardless of a person's busy life. Great work Dr. Nathalie!"

Anne Bodak, B.Sc, DC

"Wellness On The Go" - what a treat to receive this book full of up-to-date and useful information. I went straight to the chapters most relevant for me and then read the entire book and even through the reference lists. Wonderfully user-friendly. Thank you for these ideas and resources to enhance wellness!

Mary Ann R., BNSc

"Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp is one of the most passionate and energetic people I know, I'm happy she has shared her knowledge and excitement for wellness with us."

Debra Cassera, President, Creating Wellness Alliance


Simply said: Don’t leave money on the table – add Wellness on the Go to your practice today. Just like the title says – It’s Your Life, Take the Plunge!

Leverage your time NOW while your patients learn more about their health.

The first 200 people who purchase a case of my books at this amazing low wholesale price will also receive the following


bonus1Wellness on the Go
that you can use for Webinars, Public Seminars, In Clinic Patient Training, or for Coaching and Education. This presentation alone will help you to generate more than what you have spent in new business.
bonus2My Wellness on the Go e-Workbook which you can give to each patient who buys the book to help them take action right away in thier wellness journey.. bonus2


Yes Dr. Nathalie, I would like to take advantage of this amazing offer!

Wellness On the Go (28 Book Pack)

A $997 Value..... ONLY $397

PLUS these valuable bonus items FREE...

bonus1 ePresentation - a $199 value.
bonus2 eWorkbook - a $49 value.


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If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then join me in getting Wellness On the Go out into chiropractic centers around the country and let’s start getting your patients educated, healthier, and coming back for more of what you have to offer!

With warmest regards,


P.S. Take a minute and do one thing. Imagine yourself six months from now. Are you exactly where you want to be? Is your practice thriving and growing? Do your patients see you as an important part of the wellness lifestyle? The choice is yours. This offer is only guaranteed for a limited time, so be sure to take advantage of this special pricing today.